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Descrizione prodotto

The tablet press made by Fette is suitable for manufacturing tablets with a maximum diameter of 13mm.

The machine is prepared for guided EU-B tooling.

As part of the refurbishment all wear and tear parts are replaced and a B&R controller is installed.

Using this controller it is possible to operate all the machine functions. A touch panel serves as a user interface. The adjustment of the dosage, tablet thickness and penetration depth is done by motors and can be operated using the the touch panel.

The data management conforms to FDA.

After order receipt the tablet press will be completely refurbished, including the replacement of all wear and tear parts. The aluminium covers are replaced by stainless steel covers.

The general overhaul includes the installation of new components such as: main transmission, main motor, feeder motor, feeder (optionally aluminium or stainless steel), tablet chute, tablet scraper, die table, product scraper and a dust extraction system.

Price: 59.500,00€

(Deutsch) Technische Daten

Year of construction


max. main pressure

80 kN

max. pre pressure

15 kN

max. Tablet diameter

13 mm

max. Filling

18 mm

max. Tablet thicknes

8,5 mm

max Machine output



EU-B geführt

Die diameter

24 mm