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Product Description

The mechanism of a tablet press is often still working when the controller is already starting to fail. As an alternative to mostly unprofitable original spare parts we offer you our control device with all-round service and fixed price: we can perform the conversion  at your site, thus saving you transport costs and valuable time. The scope of delivery already includes all options, that our control device offers, as well as lifetime software updates. Therefore you extend the lifetime of your machine.

This control device from PescoTech is a process control system for tablet presses of all makes.


  • Works with all makes of tablet press
  • Robust standard hardware
  • Compact construction
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Standard industrial PC with minimum 7″ Touch user interface
  • Screen size adjustable to your wishes


  • Press force monitoring
  • Monitoring of stiffness
  • Single selection of bad and sample tablets
  • Monitoring of all measuring points
  • Control of all machine functions and peripheral equipment
  • Automatic adjustment of the handwheels
  • On demand replacement of the handwheels by step motors (complete automation)
  • FDA-conformance 21 CFR Part 11
  • Online language and unit switch-over
  • Print logs of the batch data
  • Remote maintenance possible