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Sandro Pesce as content supplier for their “own content” that they provide for use, is liable according to general legislation. Links to the contents already provided by other suppliers are to be differentiated from these own contents links. Sandro Pesce is only then liable for these third party contents when they have positive knowledge of them (i.e. also of illegal or punishable content) and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use (Art 5. Sect. 2 Tele-Services Act (TDG)).


Sandro Pesce has checked the third party content at first linkage as to whether it will initiate a possible civil or criminal liability. But they are not obliged, for the content that are referred to in their offer to constantly check for changes, which could give new grounds for a liability. Only when they determine, or another points out that a specific offer to which they have provided a link initiates a civil or criminal liability, will they revoke the reference to this offer, as far as this is technically possible and reasonable for them. The technical possibility and reasonableness is not affected that also after prevention of access to the Sandro Pesce homepage from other servers that the illegal or punishable offer can still be accessed.

Data protection note:

In the framework of an order preparation and order execution data will be stored from parties involved in such a process. This also affects data, which reaches Sandro Pesce by email or is communicated by other means. A transfer to a third party is only performed in the obligatory framework of a commissioning. Transfer to third parties for promotional purposes is not carried out under any circumstances. In addition data will be recorded on access to these pages for statistical and security purposes. The data, which is recorded for a limited time, such as number and duration of access to a single page, as well as the IP address of your internet service provider, takes place exclusively for the improvement and optimisation of these internet pages and will not be assessed as being traceable to you. Sandro Pesce retains the right, in the event of a gross violation or in the event of unauthorised access or access attempts to the server, to arrange the derivation of person-related data with the assistance of certain data sets.