PescoTech - Your specialist for tablet pressing systems

Maintenance, calibration, validation and retrofit for tablet presses

Tablet presses are our speciality. With many years of service experience in the food, pharma and chemical industry we carry out all services related to the maintenance and renewal of your tablet presses. Regardless of age or manufacturer of the machines. This of course includes user training.

Our strengths – your benefit:

 Spare parts in own production

Production analysis and production optimisation

Maximum 24 hour reaction time for fault finding

In Germany, neighbouring countries and around the world – wherever and whenever you need us.


All of which guarantees regular maintenance of your tablet presses. The earlier a fault is detected, the less the costs it causes as a result. A preventative machine maintenance helps to localise and fix possible faults. We work with a checklist and log every step. Finally we carry out a calibration of all measuring points.



For smooth production processing a machine should be calibrated annually.

During calibration we check the set points of all measuring points and poss. the machine’s handwheels. With calibrated measuring devices we compare the actual values with the target values. In the event of impermissible deviations the affected measuring point will be reinitialised, re-calibrated and finally a calibration log generated.

We can calibrate the following measuring points:

• Compaction force pre- and mainpressure

• Penetration depth pre- and mainpressure<

• Tablet thickness pre- and mainpressure<

• Dosing

• Machine output

• Feeder speed

• Hydraulic system

• Suction system



We ensure the consistent quality of your tablet presses and offer the validation and qualification of machines and machine functions. The validation log that we’ve conceived will be processed and the reproducibility of every single function tested and documented. We gladly adapt the validation log to your specific requirements or work through it together with you.


Much too soon and too good to throw away. Retrofitting keeps functional systems and machine fit for present and future production requirements.

We can:

• carry out a complete overhaul

• replace individual assemblies and components with current technology

• renew measuring points

The machine functionality will then correspond to the current state-of-the-art, the spare part supply can be guaranteed over a long period of time and the energy costs can be lowered through more economical components. Especially simple for you: we pick up the machine and bring it back to you retrofitted and overhauled.